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Welcome aboard!

Come with us explore the Azorean sea and the beautiful coastline of our homeland, the island of Santa Maria

Experience Tourist Fishing in the Azorean Sea

Whether you're new to fishing or a seasoned veteran, you'll find there's nothing quite as relaxing as spending a day out on the open ocean; or as fun as catching tuna or swordfish. Whatever you're looking for in nautical activities, look no further!

A unique adventure

Looking back at our varied tours to the open sea: the splash of sea water, the unexpected rain, the laughter, the diving in crystal clear waters, the huge tuna and the fishing struggle or simply the calm, tranquility and random encounter with manta rays, dolphins or whales.


Memories and photos remain from these experiences.

Comments from customers and friends

We made a trip around the island, stopping at Baía do Cura. On the way back to the Marina, nature offered us a mini rainstorm, which I remember as an incredible experience, worthy of a true sailor! It is worth highlighting the enormous professionalism, friendliness, and security that Mr. Manuel conveyed throughout the journey in this great experience and memory that I take away from Santa Maria!


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