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30 years of experience at Sea

MNunes - Fishing & Tours is a Maritime-Tourism company, dedicated to the practice of fishing and maritime tours.


Headquartered on the island of Santa Maria, known as the island of the sun, with a mild climate and high sea water temperature.


We intend to provide visitors and locals on our island with unique experiences and adventures at sea, whether fishing or boat trips along the coast of Santa Maria.

Fleet and Equipment

Mar de Bruma

Mar de Bruma

"OBE" type open vessel, 6.25 meters long.

Our Crew


We are a dynamic team with a great passion for the sea.


The team of skippers is made up of Manuel Nunes and Marco Nunes, father and son, a team marked by the long experience of fishing and navigation of the father and the young dynamism of the son.


Marco Nunes

The young member of the team. Marked by its dynamism and great passion for nautical activities. With the desire to always do more and better.


Manuel Nunes

With more than 30 years of experience at sea, several trophies in regional fishing championships. His knowledge of the Azorean sea allows him to provide unparalleled sightseeing and fishing experiences.

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