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Come and discover the wonders of the coast of Santa Maria!

The island of Santa Maria has a set of very pronounced points such as Ponta do Marvão, Ponta do Castelo and Ponta do Norte, thus demarcating some sheltered bays: ​


- Baía da Praia Formosa, the best known beach with an extensive stretch of white sand;

- Baía de São Lourenço, with beautiful white sand beaches and salt water pool;


- Baía dos Anjos, with a natural swimming pool;


- Baía da Maia, rocky, with a large saltwater pool and a wonderful waterfall;


Along the coasts of Santa Maria there are also some islets of appreciable size, with emphasis on the Ilhéu do Romeiro, the Ilhéu das Lagoínhas and the Ilhéu da Vila.

Types of Boat Trips
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